Power Your Home with the Wind

Discover Sustainable Energy with Our Compact, Efficient Home-Scale Wind Turbines.

Welcome to Derak Energy

where we're revolutionizing the way individuals harness the power of
the wind

In an era marked by the pressing urgency of global warming, we’re taking strides to make renewable energy not just a possibility, but a lifestyle. Explore our innovative macro-scale wind turbines designed for domestic, agricultural, and off-grid use.

Key Features

Compact Design

Our turbines are lightweight, aerodynamically efficient, and designed for effortless packaging, shipping, and installation.

Integrated IoT

Stay connected with specialized services through our seamless integration of wind turbines with the Internet of Things.

Data Collection

Benefit from the added value as our turbines collect vital meteorological data, supporting research and institutions.

Our Mission in Brief

At Derak Energy, our mission transcends the mechanics of wind turbines. We envision a world where every home and farm can be an ambassador of renewable energy, slowing the pace of global warming, and making a difference, one turbine at a time.


Derak Energy stands at the confluence of innovative design and
cutting-edge technology. Our macro wind turbines are meticulously crafted, reflecting our commitment
to both efficiency and accessibility.

Impact & Commitment

Innovation meets sustainability at Derak Energy. As we craft user-friendly wind energy solutions, we’re also setting in motion a movement. A movement towards a greener future, an invigorated economy, and a protected world.designed for domestic, agricultural, and off-grid use.

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