Our Vision

In the wake of rising global temperatures and undeniable climate shifts, it’s clear that the time to act is now. We envisage a world that swiftly transitions from traditional and harmful energy sources to clean, renewable ones. At Derak Energy, our vision is aplanet where wind energy isn’t a luxury or an afterthought but a primary, accessible source of power for all.

Empowering the World, One Turbine at a Time

Why Wind Energy

Wind, a limitless force of nature, holds the power to transform our energy landscape.Unlike fossil fuels, it doesn’t deplete over time or harm our environment. Harnessing wind energy reduces the carbon  footprint, mitigates greenhouse gas emissions, and most importantly, propels us towards a sustainable future. Our commitment to wind energy is anchored in its potential to replace thenon-renewable resources that contribute to global warming.

Our Motto

 “Wind energy for everyone.”
It’s not just a tagline; it’s a declaration of our unwavering commitment. We’re here to ensure that the power of the wind is within everyone’s reach, transforming the way the world views and utilizes energy..

Join Us in Our Mission

 As we stand on the precipice of an energy revolution, your support and belief in our mission can drive monumental change. Together, let’s shape a future powered by clean, renewable energy

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Derak Energy isn't just about producing wind turbines; it's about democratizing wind energy. We're dedicated to ensuring that every individual, farm, and community can tap into the boundless power of the wind with ease. By crafting easily installable macro-scale wind turbines, we'renot only delivering power but also hope, autonomy, and a tangible solution to combat global warming

about us

The Derak Promise

Every turbine we design, every innovation we introduce, and every initiative we undertake is steered by a singular goal: making renewable wind energy universally accessible. We’re
committed to

  • Streamlining the transition from traditional to renewable energy

  • Innovating with intent, ensuring each product is user-friendly and efficient.

  • Educating communities on the importance and benefits of wind energy.

  • Collaborating with institutions, researchers, and governments to amplify our impact.